CEO's Role in Leading Innovation

Most leading organizations have realized the need to become more innovative. As a result, companies are increasingly starting to plan and implement innovation initiatives. Whether the CEO takes an active role in leading innovation, or let other C-level executives take the lead, his involvement is critical to the success of the process and he must inspire, build and foster a corporate culture that encourages innovation and drives results.

One of the facts a CEO must keep in mind when dealing with innovation, is that innovation is much more than just developing a new product; innovation can be achieved by a change in the pricing model, creative marketing, unique customer experience or a change in the supply chain. For this reason, it is recommended not to limit the innovation process to a small group of people or specific departments, but to include as many people and functions as possible.

Whether the CEO takes an active role in leading innovation, or let other executives take the lead, his involvement is critical to the success of the process

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Qmarkets – Collaborate to Innovate

To optimize the innovation process and achieve the best results you have to create interactions between employees from different departments and sometimes involve other stakeholders, like customers, suppliers, investors and partners. Qmarkets’ innovation software enables this interaction while making sure the complete innovation process is organized, structured and focused on results.

The platform enables users to submit and brainstorm ideas related to challenges the company is dealing with. The platform administrator can easily define and explain the challenges, set a time frame for suggesting ideas and decide whether to address the challenge to all users or specific groups or departments.

Idea Campaigns


Systematic Approach to Innovation

Once the brainstorming stage is complete, the platform is designed to create a systematic workflow for the ideas, making sure the information is managed and monitored at every stage of the process.

Like every other business process, innovation should be structured and has to be measured so that it can be genuinely managed. A complete reporting package for managers is incorporated in the idea management software, providing statistical and in-depth analysis of the process – system-wide or for specific campaigns. Qmarkets’ analysis tools and systematic approach allows the management team to allocate resources, and assign roles, responsibilities and decision-making authority for the different stages of the process, as well as measuring the ROI and results of the innovation process at every stage, against the goals and key performance indicators (KPI) you defined.

Qmarkets Advantage:

  • Focused on achieving results.
  • End-to-end management of ideas lifecycle.
  • Intelligent tools for ideas screening and evaluation.
  • Flexible configuration of ideas workflows.
  • Wide set of analysis and measurement tools.
  • Integrated Project Management.
  • Gamification features to encourage users participation and improve results.
  • Intuitive and user friendly design, fitted to your branding and requirements.
  • Increase employees engagement to the innovation process.
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