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How Dallas is Blossoming Into the Most Innovative City in the South

With almost 1.3 million residents, Dallas is in fact home to more than 40,000 newly started businesses every year, boasting nine accelerator programs and 11 incubators within its municipal limits. However, Dallas is also home to over 20 innovative Fortune 500 companies, including Exon, Wal-Mart, and AT&T, with giants Toyota and FedEx also moving their corporate headquarters to the area...
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Don’t WannaCry: How to Properly Secure your Innovation Management System from Cyberattack

As we saw all over the news, the past weekend, a hacker group released a ransomware virus, which has become known as WannaCry. The attack infected 200,000 victims in over 150 countries. Large organizations which were hit include FedEx, Telefonica, Renault, and the Russian Government. Can this nightmare happen to your innovation management system? Users who were infected received a...
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How Qmarkets Partnered with NHS to Create the Most Sophisticated Healthcare Innovation Exchange Platform in the UK

Tammy Holmes, Innovation and Adoption Programme Manager for the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN), talks about the changes in the healthcare industry in England, the challenges in implementing innovation, and how Qmarkets’ idea management platform has helped the WMAHSN effectively manage and implement evidence-based innovations to improve health and create wealth. The West Midlands Academic Health Science Network...
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The Day after Disruption

Sometimes it seems like organizations, even large enterprises, live and die by their ability to create disruptive innovations that completely redraw the market landscape, putting them at the forefront. But is this the correct way to go? Uber’s fleet of self-driving cars had barely been on the road a month this March when a vehicle in fully autonomous mode was involved...
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Successfully Merging Theory and Practice in your Innovation Program

Eric Gabas-Varini is the Partner and Co-Founder of Innovation Framework Technologies, a consulting firm which was founded in Paris, but has since established regional offices in the United States, South Korea & Japan, with a network of associate offices in Latin America and the Middle East. With a strong background in R&D, Eric now uses his expertise to help leading...
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How to turn a Multinational Automotive-Finance Company into an Innovation Powerhouse

With over 3,100 employees across 36 companies, RCI Bank and Services is a multinational finance company which is focused on delivering innovative services to customers of the Renault and Nissan automotive groups. We sat down with Jean-Philippe Mathes, Innovation Lab Director for RCI Bank and Services, to learn more about his experience managing the company’s innovation project utilizing Qmarkets’ idea management...
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