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Bridging the Gap between Large Innovation Centers and Small Design Teams

Innovation centers have captured significant attention in recent years for their role as formalized institutions for driving innovation within large businesses. Digital design teams are their natural counterpart, driving innovation on a more personal level. They are almost a perfect match, but there are some large differences between the two. How can you bridge the gap, using them both in unison? Devised as...
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The Remarkable Benefits of Digital Brainstorming

In order to create innovative ideas, Alex Osborne suggested that a group of people should engage in a "brainstorm", i.e. "using the brain to storm a creative problem—and doing so in commando fashion, with each stormer attacking the same objective."
This simple technique quickly became extremely popular and widely used in creative agencies and innovation teams up until today. There is, however, a big problem with Osborne's idea of brainstorming: It doesn’t work!
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How Swiss Post’s Partnership with Qmarkets Achieved Award-Winning Results

Lorenz Wyss, head of ideation at Swiss Post and the recent recipient of a prestigious international idea management award, talks about the major transformation efforts the 60,000-strong company has undertaken, and how Qmarkets’ innovation platform has helped manage and guide the process.  Swiss Post is a diversified group with five main subsidiaries – PostMail, PostLogistics, Swiss Post Solutions, PostFinance and...
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Digital Disruption and How Businesses Can Best Leverage It

At some point, digital disruption comes for every organization. While some companies might be flexible and lucky enough to ride a wave of disruption and survive, if you are able to predict and prepare for it accordingly you might be able to use it to thrive. Unless well planned and executed, digital disruption – the inevitable deluge of new tools and...
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Solving the Problems of Government CIO Citizen Engagement

The concept of “Digital Transformation” has been gaining steam in the business world over the last few years, as the benefits of facilitating digital business communication within large organizations are abundantly clear. However, in the world of governance, the move towards digital engagement for the purpose of civic innovation has been much more gradual. Now it looks like things might...
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A New Way of Thinking About the Automotive Industry

Over the last couple of decades, Silicon Valley has been responsible for inventing and reinventing all kinds of gadgets and technologies: the music player, the phone, the watch, the TV and the computer itself. Recent trends suggest that the automotive industry might be next on Silicon Valley’s disruption list. Besides a surge of auto tech startups and Tesla’s success, Silicon...
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