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How EA Became the Most Hated Company On the Internet (and How They Can Fix It)

A Problem, There Is… Video game company EA is in the final stages of releasing a long-anticipated game, Star Wars Battlefront II. Earlier this week, one player was surprised to discover that it would take him a total of 40 hours of gameplay to unlock just one of the main characters (such as arch-villain Darth Vader or ultimate hero Luke Skywalker)...
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When Disruption Becomes Destructive: How Can Financial Services Companies Close the Innovation Gap?

The financial services ecosystem is going through its most profound transformation since the invention of ATMs some fifty years ago. Small, fast-moving start-ups are revolutionizing the global landscape with creative market-responsive solutions that are becoming increasingly accepted and utilized. Given the highly fluid nature of the digital marketplace, and the accessibility and timeliness of these offerings, pundits predict that the...
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Disruptive Innovations Highlight a Specific Dilemma for Legacy Financial Institutions

The innovator’s dilemma, across industries, is that in order to become great, a company has to do many things right. It must listen to its customers, direct its investments to the highest-return opportunities, improve the quality of its products, manage its relationships with suppliers, correctly assess and cope with competitive threats, all amongst many other time and resource consuming activities....
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How to Create and Scale an Employee-Centric Company Culture to Increase Profitability

The Pandemic of Engagement Employee engagement is a powerful predictor of business growth, productivity, and efficiency. In a study carried out by Canada’s Queens School of Business, data shows that organizations with the most engaged employees accomplish “65% greater share-price increase, 26% less employee turnover, 20% less absenteeism, 15% greater employee productivity, and up to 30% greater customer satisfaction levels.”...
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Discover the Next Generation of Idea and Innovation Management…

Learning from the Best… From multinational automotive manufacturers to high-tech medical organizations, at Qmarkets we’ve now helped hundreds of leading companies across the globe to achieve astounding and innovative results. One of the most important parts of this process is listening to the feedback that our customers provide, and using it to improve not only the system that they are...
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Qmarkets’ CEO Noam Danon Interviewed by Leading Tech Writer

Noam Danon, CEO & founder of Qmarkets, was interviewed last week on the latest episode of the “Technology Blog Writer” podcast by host & author Neil C. Hughes. Noam was the latest guest on a long list of illustrious CEOs, experts, academics and celebrities who have appeared on the podcast throughout its 342-episode history. Incidentally, Noam was given the tough...
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