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Frankfurt Finance Innovation Leader Tour

Thank you for contributing to make this such a brilliant and analytical event

This gathering of innovation leaders and experts presented a rare opportunity to engage in discussions around the most important challenges faced by leaders at finance organizations, including sustaining a culture of innovation, identifying and combating disruptive trends and technologies, and transforming to meet evolving consumer needs and disruptive regulatory restrictions.

Frankfurt Marriott

TuesdayNovember 28th

Actionable Innovation Insight

92% of participants were Senior Innovation Leaders

of participants were Senior Innovation Leaders

As an expert in the field of Digital Finance with over 25 years of experience, Ralf Haack from Steinbeis kicked off the event with a deeply professional session which introduced many new concepts and methodologies to the audience, and including an innovative re-assessment of the responsibilities of a contemporary CFO. To conclude this session Ralf conducted a raffle which saw one lucky attendee win a complimentary innovation workshop worth 3,000 euros, in association with the German child protection charity Blauer Elefant.

The second session of the evening was led by Qmarkets’ Co-founder Michael Stilger, and gave participants a comprehensive breakdown of corporate innovation best-practices. Including field-proven case studies from leading companies across a variety of industries, this session provided a truly exclusive and actionable set of insights for the senior leaders in attendance.


Firsthand Corporate Innovation

The second half of the event gave the audience a chance to hear corporate innovation best practices first hand, through sessions with innovation leaders from Unicredit and Airbus. Representing both Airbus and the Hamburg International School of Management, Dr. Axel Schönknecht gave a highly analytical overview of the theoretical frameworks behind innovation management, alongside insights from his corporate background.

On behalf of Unicredit Project leader of Idea sharing, Deborah DeSimone shared fascinating details of her experience managing innovation management on a huge scale. This was followed by a presentation from Unicredit’s Head of CEE Best Practice Sharing, Ruslan Nafikov, who shared details of another crucial aspect of corporate innovation management – spreading the good ideas which already exist.

To close the evening, all the speakers gathered round for a discussion panel which was moderated by Michael Stilger. This gave the audience an opportunity to ask the many questions which had arisen during the previous sessions, and to engage in discussions around new concepts or challenges which were inspired by the topics of discussion. Before long the traditional Hessian buffet was served and the discussion panel came to an end, however it undoubtedly acted as a jumping off point for conversations and discussions which continued long into the evening.

Deborah De Simone,
Project Leader of UniCredit Idea Sharing

"I’m very proud to speak at this event and to have the opportunity to share our experiences and learn from the experiences of other finance companies"

Qmarkets - Idea & Innovation Management

Michael Stilger,

"This was possibly our most fascinating event yet. Focusing on a specific industry really allowed us to dig into the unique challenges and solutions available to modern finance organizations"

Our Speakers

  • Michael Stilger




  • Ralf Haack

    Director Digital Finance and Performance Management

    Steinbeis Consulting


  • Prof. Dr. Axel Schönknecht

    Innovation Management Expert, Manager

    Airbus GmbH


  • Deborah De Simone

    Project Leader of UniCredit Idea Sharing
    Group Innovation

    UniCredit SpA

  • Ruslan Nafikov

    Head of CEE Best Practice Sharing

    UniCredit SpA

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