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Managing innovation at a large company is never easy. You have an endless list of stakeholders to engage, countless data points to consider, and plenty of landmines to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

With our AI-enhanced tools you can bring all of these elements together to save time, money, and effort, across your entire innovation funnel.

Enterprise Innovation Management Software

An end-to-end suite of dedicated innovation tools to quickly launch your innovation program

Idea Management
Continuous Improvement
Trend Management
Technology Scouting
Innovation Portfolio
Idea Management


Don’t just talk about innovation, make sure it happens. Nurture a culture of collaboration to gather, manage, and implement impactful ideas that deliver ongoing value for your organization.

  • Crowdsource and commercialize disruptive new products or services and generate new revenue streams
  • Solve strategic business dilemmas, customer pain points and market challenges
  • Nurture a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship at your company
Continuous Improvement


Operate at your maximum potential. Embed a streamlined process
to continuously discover opportunities for improvement and operational excellence across your business.

  • Generate ongoing ROI through sustained optimization of your products, services, and processes
  • Incentivize a cross-department best-practice adoption process and track your impact 
  • Let our AI-powered software save you time evaluating and implementing improvements 
Trend Management


Keep your place at the cutting edge. Build a collaborative trend knowledge base to pinpoint the innovations that can have an exponential impact on your company’s bottom line.

  • Identify the next big disruptive forces in your industry and use them to drive your own innovations
  • Develop a rich knowledge base where you can collaborate around trends with all stakeholders
  • Facilitate effortless collaboration with automated communication to relevant experts and stakeholders
Technology Scouting


Leverage unlimited innovation intel. Tap into a global network of endless growth opportunities and collaborate with key stakeholders to manage an intelligent deal-flow process involving start-ups, experts, academia, partners, and more.

  • Find and capitalize on solutions that can deliver outstanding ROI for your business
  • Manage an effective deal-flow process involving start-up owners, patent holders, partners, and other key decision-makers
  • Stay on top of your pipeline and measure your efforts against scouting KPIs 
Innovation Portfolio


Step into your personal innovation cockpit. Ensure your innovations translate into impact by tracking your whole innovation portfolio and measuring the value it delivers over time.

  • Bridge the gap between inspiration and innovation by transforming your solutions into real-life projects
  • Shape and execute an efficient POC or commercialization process with easy collaboration across teams and stakeholders
  • Use rich reporting features to analyze the impact and performance of your portfolio over time

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We measured a realized Annual Operating Income Contribution to Date of $262 million, with an anticipated final (risk-weighted) outcome in excess of $577 million.

We’re seeing ROI in both savings and earnings, with ideas to improve processes, existing products and services, and even new businesses and markets.

A single idea from the Qmarkets platform has resulted in almost $40 million of added value for the business.

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Qmarkets allowed us to make incredible progress and gain meaningful input and insights from the public.

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The Qmarkets platform has helped us to generate over 15,000 ideas, with a forecasted value of over $9.5 million.

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Based on our previous experience, we decided to implement Q-optimize. The modern, powerful SaaS architecture and, above all, the required flexibility, were the decisive factors.

The Qmarkets platform is a powerful tool for engaging people in a creative process and establishing a culture where you’re encouraged to share and express your ideas.

Why Qmarkets

E2E Ecosystem

Dedicated products covering the full spectrum of enterprise innovation ecosystem use-cases

Expert Guidance

Let our global network of customer success managers and experienced partners help guide you to success

Seamless Integrations

Enhance your process by connecting with cutting-edge third-party tools and data-providers

Flexible & Scalable

Smart small and gradually expand an innovation program tailored to your company’s unique needs

Intelligent Automations

AI engine automates processes that save you precious time and helps you focus on the high-potential opportunities

Intuitively Engaging

Powerful gamification features and incentives make innovation addictive for your audience

Powerful Configuration

Our advanced self-admin empowers you to easily tailor the platform to fit your exact business needs

Advanced Analytics

Customizable dashboards and reports help you measure, track, and share your innovation pipeline and ROI with your stakeholders

We Go Above & Beyond

Enterprise innovation is difficult, but we’re committed to supporting you at every stage of your innovation journey. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge combination of customer success resources and activities to ensure the ROI of your project is maximized.

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What is Innovation Management?

Innovation management is the systematic process of introducing ‘something new’ to an organization – be it a product, workflow, or business model. Our approach to innovation management encompasses all enterprise innovation activity across your innovation ecosystem. This includes idea management, continuous improvement, technology scouting, trend management, and innovation portfolio management. 

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to innovation management – objectives will vary considerably from one organization to the next. However, a key element of the practice will always be to establish the most effective process to achieve and promote innovation in an organization. 

What is the difference between Idea Management and Innovation Management?

Innovation management is a broad concept, which often incorporates idea management. As the name suggests, idea management is the process of ensuring new ideas are organized efficiently to meet corporate goals. Typically, this involves ideas progressing through the stages of a workflow funnel, including brainstorming, evaluation, implementation, and more. 

Although idea management is a key ingredient in an innovation process, it is most effective when embedded as part of a wider innovation management program. 

What is an Innovation Ecosystem?

No company is an island – it exists as part of an ecosystem of customers, partners, supply chains, startups, and many other players. They all contribute in different ways towards the creation and delivery of new innovations at your company, and in the wider market.  

The challenge is to create the right process to properly leverage all of these different players and data points strategically, and at the right moments. Our Innovation Ecosystem software is designed for that exact purpose.  

How much does Innovation/Idea Management Software cost?

The cost and pricing structure for idea and innovation management software will depend on a few factors. It mainly comes down to the size and scope of the project. The investment will often increase in line with the number of users, use cases, and features – but naturally the impact and ROI will increase too. 

It also depends how the software is deployed. Software as a Service (SaaS) is offered through an annual license fee, whereas on-premise deployment involves a higher up-front cost. 

While professional services and consulting can be provided for an additional cost, support from our dedicated team of customer success experts is always included. 


How many users do I need for a successful Innovation Management project?

It’s important to strike a balance between the number of idea contributors involved in your innovation project and your capacity for managing their ideas. Although it can be tempting to involve as many people as possible in your project, you might not be able to manage the influx of ideas that you receive. In most cases, we recommend inviting at least 100 users to participate in a single idea campaign, but an audience of 1,000-3,000 is most likely to generate the diversity of quality ideas you’ll be hoping to receive. 

The larger your audience is, the more important it becomes to break it down into manageable chunks. We recommend utilizing our multi-tenancy feature for this purpose and creating separate workspaces for different departments or user groups. 

Who should I involve in my Innovation Management project?

There are a diverse range of internal and external audiences to engage in your program, but we usually recommend starting with your employees, before expanding to supply chain, partners, customers, and more.  
We always recommend securing leadership buy-in as early as possible. At least one senior leader should serve as an ambassador for your project and convey the importance of innovation management throughout the company and target audience. 

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